Born and raised in the beautiful Tyrol, heart of the alps in the west of Austria, I started to get into sports as a kid and, as a result sustained a few injuries playing competitive sports, I found my interest in the medical field. I decided to become a physiotherapist but shortly after starting my first job at the University Clinic of Innsbruck found, that there was something missing and I immediately started my 6½ years of osteopathic training at the Vienna School of Osteopathy ( After my  masters degree I got the chance to work in a holistic medical centre in Vienna where I was fortunate to be part of the team of one of the first osteopaths in Vienna, who is also a GP. Since this practice has a reputation of one of the best addresses for paediatric osteopathy I took an additional 2 year course for paediatric osteopathy at the Osteopathic center for children ( While gaining experience in treating babies and children I also got to share my knowledge and experience as a tutor at the osteopathy school, its linked teaching clinic and later even at the Osteopathic center for children.

I have always loved the ocean and fell in love with the beautiful landscapes, powerful waves and great people of the south of Portugal a few years ago. Since I was so fortunate to be able to develop my working skills to this stage in Austria and I am now looking forward to be working in a new cultural environment.

Fluently spoken languages are German and English - Portuguese is still giving me trouble speaking but I can understand quite a lot and am confident I will be able to be on a level where I can explain work related issues too.

1996-1999 Academy of Physiotherapy

2000-2002 Sports Physiotherapy

2000-2006 Vienna School of Osteopathie (

2005-2007 Master of Science in Osteopathy (MSc. D.O.) Donau Universität Krems

2007-2009 Paediatric Osteopathy (

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How much is a treatment?

A treatment is (regardless of the session’s duration) 50 Euros for adults and 30 for babies and children up to 14 years of age.

In case you can not make it to your appointment, please make sure you cancel the day before, so someone else gets the chance to take your place.

How long is a treatment?

On average the first consultation will be, depending on the nature of the problem, from 1 to 1½ hours because I find it important to get the full picture through a detailed evaluation and conversation. Follow-up sessions will mostly be less time consuming and can be anything from 30-60 minutes. The length of a treatment session is decided within your own body, which is why a short treatment can be just as successful.   

How many treatments will be necessary?

The amount of sessions necessary to make a long term change happen, varies of course with the dimension of the problem. Impairment that has been affecting the body for a long time, will rarely be resolved within one treatment, however the effects of an accident that happened the day before, might be. Generally I am not a big fan of over treating and would never suggest more sessions than necessary. In an average 2-3 treatments a distinct improvement is to be expected. In some cases more than 3 will be necessary to change old body patterns.

How much time should be in between two treatments?

The time in between treatments varies from a few days (in case of acute symptoms) up to 4-6 weeks. “Less is more“ in this case. It is my goal to gain a long term improvement and not just a short term pain relief.

I had a treatment yesterday/2 days ago and have still/even more pain today. Is that normal?

A treatment always aims to change something in the body. Therefore your body has a lot of work to do. It is possible that you are aware of the changes going on and you feel an aggravation of the symptoms. This is a normal state and will pass (mostly after 2 days). In case of doubt regarding your reactions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Please feel free to contact me if any other question comes up that was not answered here.

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