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...when you need professional health evaluation and advice and cannot come to the clinic




short consultations...23€

(up to 20 mins)

Regular consultations...63€ (up to 60 mins)

Due to COVID-19 I have decided to offer online consultations to be able to accompany my Patients or new Clients in these difficult times.

How does this work?

I can communicate via various online platforms via video or simply via phone. The possibilities are numerous and safe.


Why online consultation?

At this point our national health service (SNS) has to be relieved as much as possible to not stretch the capacity even more. Further more there is still insecurity about the transmission of this virus and people may not want to come in for a treatment or are within the group of high risk patients and it is not safe for them to be exposed to risk of getting infected.


What exactly can be done?

- Assess and evaluate your complaints

–  find a diagnosis

– triage further steps and exams

– help manage your pain and situation through advice and exercises


I will offer this service as long as it is not possible to run my clinic in a normal way due to social distancing requirements.

Please get in contact to schedule a meeting. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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